About Us



Maura and Jay first met in 2013. As their relationship grew, they discovered the same passion, Travel and Tourism. Their ideas and experience quickly made it obvious that developing their own travel tours with a personal touch was a unique opportunity for the world to see Ecuador. They combine their chemistry with their experience to offer travellers a safe and unique look at Ecuador from a non commercial point of view. “We want to offer our clients the opportunity too see the beauty of Ecuador as we see it” commented Jay. “It really is a special place in this world that can't be missed. You owe yourself this opportunity” added Maura. 



Maura is a part owner of J&M Eco Adventure Tours. She is also a guide and helped develop all the tours we offer. Her native language is Spanish but she speaks English as well as some French.   

Maura was born in Mindo, Ecuador a (Cloud Rainforest) that is located 2 hours east of Quito. It lays on the edge of the Andes mountains. It is home to more than 300 species of birds and is growing as a known tourist area.

Growing up as a child she was one of seven children. She spent her days in nature working beside her family. She has very fond memories of these moments and nature has been forever imprinted in her soul. She has great respect for nature and all that happens around her. The peace she found in nature, gave her the ability to listen to people and understand their needs. She offers help to all those that need it. She uses a balance in all aspects of her life, that being at one in the forest has taught her.

Maura says, “always was my goal to show people my diverse country, rich in culture and nature. Its a true passion I have inside me. I invite them to come see my world and all the beauty that is Ecuador”



Jay shares ownership of J&M Eco Adventure Tours with Maura. Jay also is a certified guide and helped in the development of our travel packages. His native language is English but he speaks fluent Spanish as well.

Jay was born in Toronto Canada. After graduating with a degree in Aquaculture and using his skills as an underwater diver, he settled to live on Vancouver Island, Canada. While growing up his mother had her own travel agency and Jay was given the opportunity to visit other countries. He learned to appreciate other cultures and integrate himself into local communities.

In 2010 Jay arrived in Quito, Ecuador. His plan was to visit areas he had always dreamed of as a child.  One year quickly turned into four. In those years Jay was able to discover all that the diversity of Ecuador offers.

“Ecuador has so much to offer if you are an adventurist. If exploring and trekking is in your blood....then you cant miss the opportunity to explore Ecuador. Diverse in natural beauty and rich in culture, I have found a true gem in this world!!”