Booking Conditions


How to Reserve

Start with your research and make sure you are eligible to travel in Ecuador. Look for availability on our tour to correspond with airline availability. Ask us for assistance if you are unsure or look in our FAQ section on this website. Once you feel confident in your decision, reserve your space with us by making a secured payment through our payment options and completing our reservation form. Just follow our online instructions and procedures. You will receive confirmation of your booking and will be issued an electronic receipt shortly after booking. You will then be contacted by us personally within one business day. If at anytime you have questions or need us for assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Canada/USA “Other Countries” & Ecuador immigration

To enter and leave Canada/USA, all other countries and Ecuador, all citizens must carry proof of citizenship in the form of a valid passport/visa from their respective country. We welcome clients from anywhere in the world, but you are responsible for knowing the laws and what is necessary for your valid entry and exit from Ecuador. J&M Eco Adventures Tours will not be held responsible for any errors that pertain to passport and entry/exit requirements. Please make sure you are eligible for travel to Ecuador before booking any tours with us. Your deposit is not refundable due to invalid passport/visa entry or other problems.



Payment is to be received in full, per person at time of booking. You can use any of our payment options or contact us with any questions for payment. All payments are in U.S. funds as Ecuador's currency is in U.S funds. Payment by Credit Card is most common method and offers you and us the most secure way of payment. Paypal is our most secured method. They offer buyer and seller protection and you dont need to have a paypal account to make a payment, just a valid credit card. We do offer another service but is only by request. We wish that all our clients use paypal as it is the most secure and safe method.


Cancellations, Refund and Penalties

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. As part of our responsibility of serving you as a client, we must make all reservations on your behalf. Tours are often operated on occupancy and reservations must be made on your behalf well in advance of your arrival with other operators (transportation, hotels, activities) . We are held responsible for your reservations.


*Our refund schedule is as follows*:


 0 - 17 days before tour start date. Refund of 25% of the full tour package value.

18 - 31 days before tour start date . Refund of 75% of the full tour package value.

32 days before tour start date. Refund of 90% of the full tour package value.


Joining the Tour

You will be greeted by J&M Eco Adventure Tours staff member at the airport. It is your responsibility to contact us with your airline arrival ETA and flight number in advance of arriving to Quito International Airport. We will escort you to your hotel where you can relax and rest before your tour begins the following day. On day 1 of the tour we will meet in the conferance room and have a short presentation and meet and greet. Breakfast will be provided for you following the presentation. Should you encounter a delay in your flight or something happens beyond your control preventing you from attending Day 1, J&M Eco Adventure Tours will make all efforts to get you caught up to the group. We want you to feel relaxed and have that peace of mind that even if the unforeseen happens, we will ensure that you get caught up to the tour group.



Unforeseen Circumstances

Weather related conditions, landslides, flooding, earth quake, volcanic eruptions or other major events related to mother nature. All possible but very unlikely. J&M Eco Adventure Tours will not be held accountable for any such events and cannot issue refunds for partial tours or changes in itinerary due to these unforeseen events. Owners of J&M Eco Adventure Tours will make the best decision possible for the clients, with safety of our clients being first and foremost. Should a situation arise from these events, you can check our Safety Updates section on our website. It is updated anytime there is any news that may affect the areas we travel.