General Information



Each tour is conducted by a guide and that tour is carefully planned and tested by our tour director. The tour guide stays with the group throughout the duration of the tour. Often there is more than one guide available.  Your guide/s is a professional, fully trained employee of J&M Eco Adventure Tours. Tour numbers 4 – 12 persons, depending on the tour. Our guides are responsible for carrying out our tours in a safe and responsible manner. However each client has the responsibility to protect ones self. Our tours have been carefully planned and tested to ensure our clients are in the best, safest environment. We only work with contractors that have the same high standards as us.


Included are all hotel accommodations plus private bath. Our standard is to provide the best available accommodation without sacrificing value. Although the quality of accommodation may very from place to place, the standard remains uncompromising. All accommodations have been pre inspected by us and deemed acceptable to the standards we expect. The tour package includes all reservations and never at any time are you responsible to make reservations within the tour. Our bookings are based on double and single occupancy. Family rooms are available and we book those upon request. Your tour price is subject to change and will be pro rated accordingly. Double and Single room bookings are included in our tour pricing.

As a service, J&M Eco Adventure Tours makes a reservation on your behalf at the hotel the night you arrive before your tour starts. It is included in your package. However, upon return and termination day of our tour, it is up to you to ask us for assistance back to the airport, or to book your accommodations before your trip home. All our clients are handled on individual basis because everyone has different travel itinerary’s. 



All meals are included in the tour. We provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The menu is well rounded to suit everyone’s need. If you have special needs or requests, you must notify your tour guide before the trip or the meal time. All restaurants are inspected by us and are to our standards. However We cannot control every food situation on individual basis. The menus are designed with the visitor in mind and we have selected balanced, healthy, safe choices with our clients in mind. Snacks and beverages are included at various times. If you wish to purchase meals or food items outside of the planned menu, you assume all risk in doing so. J&M Eco Adventure Tours will not be held responsible for any misadventures outside of the planned menu. 



All motor-coach, taxi and water travel is included within the tour. J&M Eco Adventure Tours does not own our operate transportation vehicles. We charter the best most professional and qualified transport companies possible. To keep our guests comfortable and safe, all transport companies used by us follow the strict guidelines laid forth by the tourism board of Ecuador.



Handling fees for luggage are included in tour price. Due to space limitations aboard motor-coaches we ask our clients to limit their baggage to one normal size piece. You may also bring smaller handbags and overnight bags as these can be easily kept on your person. On tours that include day hikes, J&M Eco Adventure Tours provides our clients with durable waterproof packs. We issue one per couple to take on our day hikes. Your main bags will always be kept in a secured location. However we cannot be responsible, assume liability or accept claims on usage wear and tear, or personal effects due to breakage. It is important for your own self interest to make certain you have adequate insurance to cover these eventualities. Our guides and contractors make all efforts to make sure your bags are transported safe and secure. You are ultimately responsible for your personal items at all times.



All planned activities in the tour package are included in the price. We only use activity contractors that adhere to the rules of the tourism board and uphold the same standards as J&M Eco Adventure Tours. We go above and beyond to seek out leaders in the industry that have our clients best interest and safety at heart. If at anytime in our tour you feel uncomfortable in any activity, there is always an alternative option and never at any time will you be left without a guide responsible for you. It is for this reason our tours have more than one guide available.


*Not Included* in tour price


Airfare to the tour departure point and from the tour ending point.

 We can, and will be happy too assist you, but the cost of airfare is not included in the tour price.


Guide/Tour Director and Driver Gratuities

The customary gratuities to the J&M Eco Adventure Tour guides, Director or Drivers are not included in your tour price. Such gratuities should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis and not as a group. 


Personal Expenses

Phone calls, room service, Alcoholic beverages, extra activities, gifts and other incidental expenses are not included in your tour package. Each individual is responsible for their own personal budget. Just ask if you need assistance in making a judgement for what to bring for extra monies.