Levels of Difficulty



The tour has mostly walking. Nothing too difficult and is considered just everyday walking. Walking through markets and city streets. You may also walk on some well groomed trails. Suitable for someone not looking for too much activity. Suitable for someone senior or with some pyhsical restrictions. Activities are mostly sightseeing, culture and education.


Bob and Nancy, a couple in their 30's. Just looking for an easy tour. They enjoy to shop and learn about history. Basically just want to get too know some of the sights in Ecuador.  Ron is 65, retired. looking for an easy paced sightseeing adventure. Wants to do some bird watching or check out the architecture on some old churches.



The tour can contain some more difficult walking. Steeper inclines/declines. Longer time spent trekking and demands more concentration. Activity level is higher with more physical demand when doing activities. Suitable for someone who has a more active lifestyle and seeking a little more physical adventure in their tour.


Trish and Nadine, two school friends in their late 20's looking to do some white water rafting and some trekking to get some great photos from their adventure together. Richard needs a vacation away from the office. He might be 45 but still active and loves adventure sports and exploring.



This tour contains more extreme trekking and activities. Specialized gear is usually needed. These tours end to focus on only a few activities as more concentration and skill are needed. Often is not a tour for learning a new skill, is meant more for clients that already have experience and are looking for some new ground to cover. Must be in good physical shape and with knowledge of the activity performed.


Keith and his 3 friends have been doing some serious hiking and explorering back home but are in search of something new. They need a new challenge and want a new experience.