As with any sales of good or services, there is a contract. It is designed to keep both the seller and buyer protected. It can be a little intimidating to sign your name to a form that has the words death, sickness or natural disaster written on it. I know because we have signed many ourselves. We want all our clients to be aware beforehand of our general policies and what the liability form you will sign upon arrival will look like. We dont believe in surprising our clients (or in small print) and we believe our general policies and liabilities are fair to everyone.


Upon reservation and payment for a tour with us, you will recieve an electronic reciept. Written on that reciept will be a reminder to read through our general policies located on this website (bottom of each web page). On our first morning of the tour, after the tour presentation you will be asked to sign our liability form. This acts as an official reciept for taxation purposes here in Ecuador (for us) as well as a legal document stating you agree to our terms, (for you and us).


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our general policies or liabilty form, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear any concern you may have and will try to work as best we can to resolve any issues. With that being said our policies and liablities are set to apply to all clients. We can not make changes for every client.


I think you will see our policies fair and general. We look forward to meeting you and taking you on a tour of a lifetime!!! Get the formalities out of the way and let the fun begin!!!


*Example of Liabilty form*


 J&M Eco Adventure Tours



 J&M Eco Adventure Tours agrees to make the _______________________________ tour with,


 (Printed Name:) ________________________________________________________________


 Dated : ______________, _________, ____________


Client has paid total amount for tour at time of signing this contract.

No refunds are given in cases of partial tour cancellation and/or due too unforeseen circumstances, weather related conditions, such as but not limited to landslide, flooded rivers, heavy rains or other major events.

Each client should carry travel insurance for Ecuador, purchased beforehand in their home country. “J&M Eco Adventure Tours” is not responsible in cases of accidents for any injury resulting in death, sickness, damage or loss of property of the client.

During tours J&M Eco Adventure Tours films or takes pictures to offer clients a way to remember their tour and for publicity of future tours. If you do not wish to be filmed or have pictures taken of you, please indicate below by marking an “X” on yes (agree) or no (do not agree).


 _______ yes _________no


 For this reason the client has signed below, exercising his or her own free will, takes full responsibility for any risk related to travel and activities included in this tour.


 By signing this contract on (Date:) ______________, _____________, ________________


 I, __________________________________________________________________, release


 “J&M Eco Adventure Tours” from any liabilities that may arise when participating in any activities included in this tour. I have read and understand the general policies and liabilities set forth by “J&M Eco adventure Tours”.