Tour 3 - Details

Adventure Tour

12 night / 12 day

Minimum 4, Maximum 8 people

Cost: $1999 (USD) per person

All Inclusive (transportation, hotel, meals, activities)


Its hard to write an exact Itinerary for this tour. Fishing areas can change depending on weather and season. The trip is divided into 3 zones with distinct species of fish and techniques for fishing.

Zone 1 (Andes). We have many places to fish here. The natives to this area are not big into fishing. They may fish very primitively to fed their family but for the most part have never seen a fly rod or some of the flies and lures used today. Just walking to the areas and enjoying the scenery is an adventure in itself. We recommend fly fishing or using a smal trout rod in these areas.

Zone 2 (Napo). The Napo river is the largest tributary of the Amazon. In the dry season you must really work to find the deeper areas where you will find some fish. In the rainy season the rivers swell up and it can be easier to fish and there is more abundance of different species. We fish or travel almost all by canoe. We travel to some areas with a beach area. Fishing is done mostly with medium sized rods. The Napo can produce some good size catfish (avg 6lbs). You can top fish for a variety or bottom fish for catfish.

Zone 3 (Cuyabeno). This area is in a protected park. The wildlife in this area is a bit more raw and untouched. We use extreme care and keep the eco system in mind when in this area



Our tour will start in the small town of Banos. Its a great little town to relax in after a good day of fishing. From there we can access some amazing rivers that have plenty of rainbow trout, native to Ecuador. You can bring your fly rod, or use one of ours. You can even learn to fly fish with us. Maybe you have another technique or something you want to try. We have the gear, or you can bring your own...we understand...we are fishermen too.

After a few days of fishing in the Banos area we will head to Mishualli. Its a small quiet village located between the Mishualli River and the Napo River. From there we will set up camp at a lodge located on the Napo River. Your guides will take you via canoe up other tributaries and give you the chance to fish many varieties of fish. Redtail and Shovelnose catfish are just a few names that come to mind.

We will end our tour with a trip to Cuyabeno National Park. Here we will make camp at a lodge inside the park. With special permits from the government we are granted permission to catch and release fish. We will be targeting Peacock Bass and some other fun to catch river fish. We also may have the chance to find and catch the elusive Arapaima. This fish is highly regulated due to its low numbers in the wild. They can grow to 400 lbs plus and are at the pinnacle of dreams for fishing in the amazon.

We only offer this tour a few times per year as it is a speciality tour. Please don’t hesitate to book your space because we have limited space available. Please contact us with any questions you have. You can also look in our FAQ section for answers 

This is a very unique opportunity too see the beauty and diversity of Ecuador. This trip is all inclusive and covers all your transportation, hotels, all meals, licenses and activities. If you wish to bring your own fishing gear, you are welcome to. However we have all the gear and expertise you will need to fish the different areas.