Why J&M Eco Adventure Tours



 The beginnings..........


When we first conceived our plan of offering tours, we knew immediately what would set us apart from other tour outfitters. We wanted to keep our tour groups small and allow our clients the feeling of exploring things for themselves. Everyone is different but we wanted to create a tour where people felt comfortable in a small group, had guidance by someone that knew the area, yet felt like they were still on a private tour. Our first tours started in 2012. We developed small 2 day packages for tourists arriving in Banos Ecuador. We knew they would enjoy a tour that took them that little bit further and allowed them to see more diversity and culture. Mishualli was just the place for that and was not that far from Banos. We worked with another local tour operator in providing something unique for our clients. Once we saw the results and how much our clients enjoyed our small tour, we knew it was time to develop more.



Our competitive advantage.............


Jay, being a native english speaker and speaking spanish as his second language enables him to communicate fully with our native english speaking clients. His partner Maura is a native spanish speaker which allows her to fully communicate with the residents of Ecuador. This is a unique blend that allows them to follow and communicate on both ends of the language spectrum.

Not often with other tour companies will you find the owners guiding. Maura and I have a strong passion for eco tourism. We try to keep our environmental impact low and exchange in cultural learning high.

Our tour business is our pride and joy. It provides us a sustainable living, supports local communities and it gives you (our client) a wonderful vacation you never forget. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your tour with us. We want you to come back again and tell your friends about your wonderful time in Ecuador with us. Our goal is to ensure that happens with providing you the best service and care.


 Please, if you have any questions, use our contact us form. We will be pleased to hear from you.